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Little has changed over the years. Following a time-honoured tradition, the product is still handmade and contains only the freshest ingredients. Toasted almonds which form up to half of the product’s weight, are combined with honey, sugar, corn syrup and egg whites at high temperatures in traditional confectioner’s copper bowls.

Using a unique cooking process, no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives are used. The craftsman's touch is still required when preparing each individual batch, as cooking times can vary according to ingredients and weather conditions, ranging from eight to nine hours. Our patience is a guarantee of tradition and refinement.

Almonds are key to the quality of our nougat. We select only the best and freshest almonds, inspect every single batch and roast them in-house to our specifications. Almonds account for at least 50% of the product, a much higher percentage than what is commonly used in more mass produced nougat. The result is a product that is not overly sweet and very fragrant.

Golden Bonbon Almond Nougat is a natural product. Our nougat is cholesterol-free, gluten free, trans fat free, Kosher and Halal designated.

Golden Bonbon products are made to order and guaranteed fresh when delivered.

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Made with California almonds (50%), Alberta Clover leaf honey (25%) and egg whites. Our crunchy nougat, or torroncino croccante as we call it in Italy, has the same classic crumbly texture and honey notes that can be found in the best patisseries of Northern Italy.

Made with California almonds (50%), Alberta Clover leaf honey (25%) and egg whites. Our soft nougat has a texture quite similar to Nougat de Montelimar from France, light and delicate and not too chewy. As we use a high percentage of almonds, our nougat is not too sweet.

Pure Canadian maple syrup is added to our crunchy nougat, for a taste of Canada. The sweetness of honey combines very well with the earthiness of maple syrup to produce a unique combination.

Pure Canadian maple syrup is added to soft nougat, lending complex tones to our honey almond nougat. The lighter texture allows the taste to linger after the first bite, without being overly sweet.

Dried cranberries are added to our soft honey almond nougat. Our cranberries are sourced locally and are a unique Canadian delicacy. The tartness of the cranberries is a great match to the sweetness of honey. As you bite into a cranberry nougat you can see plump pieces of crimson fruit studded through each piece of nougat.

Dried blueberries are added to our soft honey almond nougat. The blueberries are sourced from local farms and only the freshest and best crops are used. The delicate flavour of the blueberries is combined carefully to produce a perfect flavour balance.

Orange peel is added to soft honey almond nougat. Orange, honey and almonds are a classic combination.

Roasted espresso coffee is finely ground and added to soft honey almond nougat. A sweet espresso in every bite!

Matcha green tea is added to soft honey almond nougat. Matcha green tea, one of the most expensive teas available, lends a complex flavor profile to our nougat. Our roasted almonds support the fragrant green tea flavour. The green tea nougat has a lovely green hue and it is not overly sweet.

Roasted cashews are added to our crunchy nougat for a surprising light taste. The cashew’s delicate flavour and its higher oil content produces a unique crumbly texture.

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